Digital strategies: Stay the course, channel energies and use the opposing winds.

Conflicts of air masses, winds of transformation of business models appear and wave forms. Refraction, diffraction, reflection, and finally, when the profile of the company reached its limit beyond which it becomes unstable.

We work to help you concentrate and transform economic movements into useful energy for the company, taking advantage of the dematerialization of activities.

We accompany the management teams in creating new products through strong digital business models; such is the goal of Groundswell Consulting.

Here are our main areas of intervention

Digital Strategic Analysis
We help to define digital objectives and direction, e-business, or multi-channel, analyzing the best opportunities generated by dematerialization or creating pure web to increase enterprise value. We bring new ideas, bold but realistic.
Benchmark and Pragmatic Global Vision
We confront the will to act through knowledge of best practices and innovations to come. We will obtain together an objective view of strengths and weaknesses of the business, competitors and potential markets.
Product Development
Our objectives are to define new products, optimize the related services, and sales models. We validate the necessary investments, and help you manage corporate risks, taking into account internal and external constraints.
Detailed Business Plans
We create the business plan associated with the milestones that validate each step and trigger the successive phases of investment. We take into account technological developments and regulations, to ensure the deliverability of the project.
Investment Phases
We recommend the implementation of the governance of the project, internal and external collaborations. We assist management teams in their funding strategy of internal and external projects.

Strategic analysis, product definition, project management, marketing plan

Are you looking to diversify your business? Do you want to support the legitimacy of your brand and your products for your development? Are you looking for a strategy to finance your growth?

We offer:

Creation of new offers
  • Analyze markets, audit and benchmark
  • Creation of new products
  • Monitoring KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and ROI (Return on Investment)
Creating Business Models
  • Modeling Business Plan
  • Strength of investments and profitability
  • Needs of potential funding
Support of the strategy over time (MOA)
  • Marketing and Promotion Plans
  • Strategy of Project Financing
  • Implementation and monitoring

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