Interactive cultural communication agency and designer of advanced artistic software solutions.

For an artist: How do they make themselves known in the age of Web 2.0? For a cultural institution, how can they reach new audiences and means of dissemination and fund its development? How can they attract new generations and maintain relationships with visitors?

Players in the art world (collectors, galleries, curators, artists, foundations, etc.) can take advantage of dematerialization to reach new audiences. Groundswell Art Initiative combines digital and cultural expertise to create innovative projects and solutions applied to the field of art.

For cultural institutions, Groundswell Art Initiative can develop:

  • websites, virtual museum spaces,
  • museums « beyond the walls » with customized social networking and interaction between art lovers,
  • and transmedia entertainment solutions.

Thus responding to their strategies for dissemination and communication.

Our answers always rely on an axis of an artistic and technological project to extend the art and the creation of digital media.

Groundswell Art Initiative is an interactive cultural communication agency that designs software solutions for professionals who aim to expand the impact of their exhibitions and sites on the internet.

Here are our main areas of expertise

Strategic Analysis and Project Design
We advise in the identification and deployment of your communication and interactive projects (audits, analysis, benchmarks, and most relevant marketing leverage) for an adapted and personalized online strategy.
Web Design Project
We carry out the functional and technical architecture of your project (ergonomics, navigation, graphics, mapping and technological choices), define the content and services to develop and deploy technical solutions that best suit your project.
Online Marketing and Communication Plan
We shape your marketing plan and ensure its distribution online (advertising, self promotion, e-mail, viral marketing, event planning, SEO, purchase of keywords, strategic partnerships, content exchange, deep links, promotion strategy in social networks and communities, etc.)
Measurement of ROI (Return on Investment and Efficiency)
The performance analysis is always present in our proposals.
Extension to all Interactive Media
We create mobile applications for iPhone / Android and other digital tablets for global digital deployment.

Here are some areas of action examples

Regional exhibitions and abroad / Digital Media Arts Development Project

Are you looking to establish a digital policy, a website that matches your image? Do you want to expand your space? Do you want to develop an innovative project combining digital and cultural communication?

We offer:

  • The definition of an artistic virtual site for a museum or gallery
  • The development of « beyond the walls » exhibitions
  • Research and selection of « beyond the walls » curators
  • The creation of an exhibition program with digital artists and associated formats
  • Research the feasibility of partnerships and promotion
  • The marketing plan and online / multi-channel distribution
Digital Artists-in-Residence / Artistic Development Program

Do you want to define and implement a comprehensive digital strategy for your artists, developed in this era of extreme social networking and sharing on the web ? Do you want to optimize the presence of their artwork on the web and enhance the creative process on an international level?

We offer:

  • Allow the public to follow the creative process and to assume the role of curator or donor.
  • Encourage online visitors by renewing proposed artworks to ensure a steady flow of visitors to the online exhibition.
  • Draw upon the artistic scene and young artists who are also becoming more active in the creation of the exhibition.
  • Create new sources of funding for artists.
  • And expand Artists-in-Residence invitations on digital supports.
Philanthropy and Sponsorship / Philanthropic Advising

Do you want to ensure the financial future of your organization? Do you want to expand its support network and to analyze if your fundraising efforts are effective?

Creating a culture of philanthropy within an organization is a key step towards fiscal sustainability. When donors give, they become involved in a positive way. When donors know and understand the positive impact of their donations, they tend to continue giving.

Giving is a very personal choice and organizations need to develop philanthropic strategies to motivate and educate donors.

We offer:

  • Evaluate the mission statement, review the organization and board of directors.
  • Define guidelines of philanthropy.
  • Build and develop a philanthropic portfolio.
  • Provide an implementation that reflects the diversity of donors.
  • Establish measurable benchmarks for evaluating the effectiveness and success of the philanthropic goals.

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