“Art and Money, dangerous liaisons”

Monnaie de Paris

caseStudy: Art and Money, dangerous liaisons

Art has always been linked with money. Patrons, collectors, power players invest in art, both as a source of pleasure but also for future profitability. The Monnaie de Paris is undergoing reconstruction and temporary closure of its spaces. In order to stay in touch with the public, the Monnaie de Paris offers a virtual exhibition, "Art and Money, dangerous liaisons". The exhibition takes the form of an open pathway, designed according to a logic that is fun, financial and artistic. The main themes of the exhibition are the purchase, sale, capitalist system and its cash flows, but also the art market, the aesthetic dimensions.

From Andy Warhol to Sophie Calle, Barbara Kruger to Ben Vautier, the show has evolved over time to ask the visitor to vote, to express themselves, to participate in the project. Discussions have involved artists, art historians, philosophers, gallery owners ...
Sébastien Gokalp, curator of the exhibition

Sébastien Gokalp

But what does art have to say about money?  A major concern of our time, economics is to art of today what nudes and landscapes were at the time of classical or impressionist art.  A seminal theme that is a source of fascination, defiance or irony  which generates artwork that are often critical, provocative or seductive. Will money be "the last taboo" as claimed by the critic and art historian Harald Szeemann, a center for artistic questions that we carefully avoid to confront?

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